Friday, August 20, 2010

WIP Shire Drafter Dragon CM: We Have Wings! Part 2

Last nights progress. 

The wings got bulked out with Amazing Sculpt, and then I had the thought to create a thin 'membrane' to sculpt the actual wings over but wasn't sure how to do it. Some digging around in my sculpting box uncovered a brand new package of cheesecloth, so it got picked for the job. 

My hope was that I could squish it into the under bones of the wings, and when the Amazing Sculpt dried, it would be permanently affixed. Which is mostly what it did. About halfway through the curing process I tested it in a corner and found that it was sticking, but with enough force, would lift up. 

So I grabbed my super glue, and ran a thin small line of glue down the long, main bone on each side. That did the final trick, and now that cheesecloth isn't going anywhere. 

Now, I need to figure out what to put over the cheese cloth to make it look even more wing like. I was originally thinking more Amazing Sculpt, but a quick test on that last night proved that it won't stick to the cheese cloth very well at all. Initially it would, but when I started the attempt to smooth it out, it lifted right up. 

So, now I'm thinking maybe liquid latex or something of the sort. I'll have to search around some and see whats out there to use. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIP Shire Drafter Dragon CM: We Have Wings!

Or the start of them, that is.  

This is how the Shire Drafter looked last time I posted his update. 

He's been bulked out a bit more, got his head back, 
found a tail, and the start of the wings.

The wings are nearly 10 inches long on the top side. I wanted them stretched out, but they would make the sculpt almost *too* big, so I am going to fold them in some. 

Plus, why would he be walking with wings completely outstretched? Halfway to fully folded  would be more realistic, plus the way the tail ended up curled up to the side like that, that side almost needs to be folded up because the tail gets in the way. 

The picture I had in my head of the tail was of a wing-like appendage on the very end of the tail, kind of like a rudder, but it ended up being more of a peace symbol? 

I'm sure once I fill it in it will look more like what I envisioned. 

The tail, in progress. It needs more bulking out, but I am not sure what I'm going to do with the back yet, and what kind of scales I want. 

I am using a combination of Amazing Sculpt and Creative Paperclay for him. The majority of the bulking out is being done with the paperclay. The fine details, and anything that needs to be stronger, is being done in Amazing Sculpt. The fork in the tail, the bond between the head and neck, and a few other places are Amazing Sculpt. The rest is the paperclay. 

The wing bones will be Amazing Sculpt, and for the wing itself? I'm actually thinking of using cheesecloth glued to the wire before covering it with the A.S, but then I would have to sculpt the bones on the top and bottom separately - not sure If I want to do that. 

His head doesn't 'fit' the rest of him just yet, haha. He looks sweet and kind, and still rather horse-like with his old head. If you look closely under his ear  you'll see a small hole, thats where the horns will be placed, eventually. The entire head will end up covered and re-sculpted as well, but I didn't want to do it off of the body because I needed a sense of scale and appropriate size. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Current Projects

Repaint commissions on these two horses from the same owner.

The Before's:

BHR Arab stallion, ordered in bay, CM'd to a Pintaban. 

Pyt Friesian Stallion, Blue Roan. 

Originally they were just supposed to be repaints, but the Arab broke three legs in shipping, and Pyt broke his tail off, so some repairs will be in order after they finish getting their paint stripped. 

Both of these are Artist's Choice for the new paint colors - I can't decide what I want to do yet. They are owned by a non-showing home, so I have more freedom to pretty much paint them however I like - whether or not the color is breed appropriate. 

I know Pyt is a Friesian mold, but straight black seems rather boring on him. Especially since there are multiple others that are done in black too. He could also pass as an Andalusian or PRE - thats what I thought he was when I first unpacked him but Freisian he is. I'm thinking a soft smutty buckskin on him would be delicious, but I have to do more reference picture research first. 

As for the BRH Arab - gosh he's an open book. I've seen them painted in all sorts of gorgeous colors. So, dunno on him yet. 

Oh the carnage!