Friday, September 24, 2010

Quiet, but not Idle

NO, Idle would NOT be the word. Not with 7 Clients' Boxes of model horses here to be prepped. Idle is the LAST thing I've been lately. However the down side is that with all the work to be done here, doesn't leave much time for playing on the net! 

I've decided to work in batches. Batches of horses that need similar work done. All ear repairs/rebuilds for instance. All the seams will be done at the same time. Etc. I am hoping that this method will speed up the process for me!

So, while I have model horses sitting in Oven Cleaner Baths, others awaiting seam clean up. and yet others awaiting a final sanding before that primer spray, everyone out there can rest easy knowing your models are in good hands. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Things are definitely picking up on the prepping side of things. I am now prepping several bodies to be painted by various artists for show donations; one model is being sent from Austrailia that will be a moderate custom job; and a few others that are just basic cleaner'up's! 

My Girl Scout Troop is also starting to get rockin and rollin a bit - can't wait for that to get really going either.

Don't have any new pictures to post, I figured out what to put on the dragon's wings, just haven't gotten 'round to it yet as my personal projects are now taking a back seat to the prepping jobs I have to finish. 

Soon though, hopefully I'll be able to continue him, there are some neat shows coming up in the next year that he might do well in!