Monday, March 7, 2011

Tutorial: Carving Hooves and Ears On Model Horses

A few weeks back I posted on my website a video tutorial on how to Carve Ears and Hooves on Model Horses. Here is the Link.

A little taste: 


Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Forgotten Blog...

Well its 2011 and I think its time to resurrect the art blog again. 

I've been busy prepping plastic ponies, being sick, and dealing with Girl Scout Drama. For the majority of the last week of Feb. 2011 I was dealing with a pretty major sinus infection  with what I'm sure was a double ear infection as well. It meant I slept - a lot - and getting out of bed made things spin quite crazily. Not so good when dealing with plastic expensive ponies that belong to other people, no? So I figured they would stay safely on their shelves, UNDAMAGED, and I would simply pass the time miserable. That plan seemed to work, as no plastic ponies were damaged during the week of weakness. I am now feeling quite better, and ready to start once more. 

And the Girl Scout Drama - well in a nutshell I started out the school year as the leader of my daughters fledgling Brownie Level Troop. Lets just say that I don't play well with PTO/PTA moms. All I had was PTO/PTA moms. Of course right?  

Well my mother was also my girl scout troop leader for nearly a decade, so I figured if SHE could do it, so could I. Not so much... ever heard of the "helicopter mom"? Moms termed because they 'hover'... constantly. I couldn't catch a break, and quite frankly, the control freak in me started to well, freak. Things suddenly were not so happy, and I decided to step down from the Leader Position, and hand the troop over to the mom that seemed to be the most qualified to handle it. 

Now on to the plastic ponies...

I have still to catch up on a lot of orders:

I have the Ruffian and Smarty Jones finished, I just need final pictures taken. The PAM and Classic Arab Family that go to the same owner I have yet to finish. 

Goffert - well he's being a royal pain in the rear right now. Had him all ready to go, and next I know the primer is chipping off. I tried sanding the areas where it was chipping, and it just chipped off worse. So he will need to be stripped and reprimed before he can be mailed off. And I thought he was done....

The BHR Arab and Pyt are going to be sent to a painter here soon for finish work. 

Jade and Jewel are being worked on slowly, as I am resculpting details back into both of them. 

CM'd Lady Phase has a giant crack in her neck that needs to be repaired.

And a few others that I'm sure I'm forgetting at the moment. 

So I will continue to be quite busy till March, April! 

I also have a new project arriving in the mail pretty soon... These pictures are the property of a fellow Blabber 'Sweet Defense', and I am only using them because I have no other pictures at the moment.

I probably over paid for him, but something about him was talking to me - no SCREAMING at me. Don't quite know what it is yet, though I have a pretty good rough idea... I am seeing something very different than anything out there yet and I hope I can translate what is in my head to actual clay and design. I will be going back to my polymer clay roots on him, and can't wait to start figuring out concept ideas. 

I don't expect to be getting to him before the school year is out, which means I have plenty of time to plan, figure, prepare, and practice. :D.