Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WIP: Breyer 'Shire' Drastic CM

This is the current project. I am still debating on whether I want to paint the Amber CM or not, but for right now, this is what is at the forefront. 

He didn't come to me this way, actually he came to me stripped of his paint, his head, neck, tail, raised hind hoof, and raised front leg - all removed. I had the head and most of the 'missing' legs but I decided to use him as an experiment. 

This is more of what he looked like when he came to me. He's the one on the far left with the blue tape on him. 

Yep, I went even more Sweeny Todd on him lol. Chopped off his legs, You bet I did!

I do have an actual 'vision' for him, but I can guarantee its not what you all *think* its going to be. For stability, the wire for the tail is actually one very LONG wire that runs through his body and up into where the neck is, underneath the foil. (The foil was later removed and redone.) I could not figure out how to attach the wire for the tail, but one wire to connect both as the armature made more sense here. 

Yep, I shaved his head too. This is a great angle where you can see where I had to reattach the front leg.

Hmm, anyone wanna guess what its going to be yet?

I will help you out and say that It definitely will NOT be a horse. 

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